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Welcome to the website for our new YouTube channel, Archetypal News Network!

The professional astrologers at ANN explore the universal archetypal patterns which inform events in our inner lives and in the world around us. We are committed to high-quality broadcasts on deep self-exploration, current events, societal trends, people in the spotlight, entertainment, and education. As well as regular shows hosted by experienced anchors, we present ongoing special segments on a variety of cultural, artistic, psychological, and spiritual topics, examined through the lens of Richard Tarnas' archetypal astrology.

Archetypal astrology explores the correlation of geometric alignments between the planets with the emergence of archetypal-thematic patterns in human experience.

You can support us by liking, sharing, and posting after our videos on YouTube. Our YouTube channel is the most helpful place for you to share your positive feedback and comments. Thanks for your support!


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