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New Moon and Full Moon Celebrations


Bárbara Yuruvich Arias is a counseling evolutionary and archetypal astrologer with a strong basis in transpersonal psychology. She is currently enrolled in the Holotropic Breathwork training program with GTT, as well as the Soul-Centered Transpersonal Coaching Program through Depth Psychology Alliance. Her readings are interactive, designed to help clients gain new context, language, and tools toward resolving the issues and questions they may have. Bárbara lives in Denver, Colorado and offers readings and counseling in both English and Spanish.

Christina Hardy has been a practicing astrologer for seventeen years. After receiving her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology at John F. Kennedy University, she studied archetypal astrology for five years with Rick Tarnas in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She then diversified her practice by studying evolutionary astrology with Kim Marie Weimer and became certified in June 2019.

Christina is also a certified Deep Memory Process practitioner (taught by Patricia Walsh) and offers past-life hypnotherapy as a tool for understanding and healing one’s present life issues. She previously worked as a Director of Career & Academic Advising at Youngstown State University in Ohio where she created and managed an office that helped students to find careers that nourish their souls. Christina draws upon all these traditions to illumine the soul’s karmic challenges and evolutionary intent for helping her clients navigate life’s challenges.


Danielle Meyer is an astrologer, therapist, psychic, and scholar from Boulder, CO. She has a masters in art therapy from Adler University and in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Danielle is writing her dissertation on active imagination and archetypal astrology in C. G. Jung’s Black Books as part of Pacifica’s Jungian and Archetypal Studies Ph.D. Program. She certified as an archetypal astrologer through The Institute for Transpersonal and Archetypal Studies and has studied there since 2017. She has also studied psychic clairvoyance at InVision in Chicago and Boulder Psychic Institute in Colorado.

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Dulcie Cardinal is an astrology student living in Victoria, BC. She has studied Hellenistic astrology with Acyuta-bhava Das and is now completing Renn Butler’s course in archetypal and holotropic astrology. In addition to her astrological studies, Dulcie is working on a master’s degree in counselling psychology. She runs the local group, Astrology Victoria, along with her astro partner, Tatiana Hassan. Astrology Victoria aims to connect astrologers and astrology enthusiasts to support each other and share information, resources, and events. The group hosts bi-weekly events including casual astro chats and more formal astro talks featuring professional astrologers.

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Tatiana Hassan is a visual artist, dancer, teacher choreographer, astrologer, and spiritual guide. She began an artistic journey from a very young age, learning many diverse skills and techniques. Tatiana holds two Master’s degrees, one in languages and the other in dance and has been teaching, performing, and choreographing for over twenty years. For the past few years, her journey has drawn her to dive deeply into the study of astrology, spiritual pursuits, and the creation of  healing modalities through art, music, movement, and the study of the psyche. As well as her home country of Columbia, Tatiana's work has taken her to Argentina, France, the United States, and now Canada, where she currently resides.

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