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"Introduction to Archetypal Astrology"
Richard Tarnas's classic article on the meanings of the planetary archetypes and issues in the field of archetypal astrology.

"Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology" 
An academic journal that explores significant correlations between cyclical alignments of the planets and the archetypal patterns of human experience.

Archetypal Explorer Program
This acclaimed program has some brilliant features and innovations. Accessible and easy to use, it is highly recommended for both students and professionals in the field of astrology. Available for a free trial period.



Music for Holotropic and Psychedelic Sessions

1) Johns Hopkins’ sets for psilocybin therapy sessions on Spotify:


2) Breathwork sets (about three hours each) on Spotify created by Riley Thomson Smith:




(Note: Two songs in the playlist #3 above—“Universe” and “Get Lifted”—are synthesizer music which, though tolerable, is not usually recommended for deep experiential work.)


3) Suggestions from Jonathan Waller:

a) Jon Hopkins’ (the artist, not the hospital) album, “Music for Psychedelic


b) Playlist compiled by Mendel Kaelen, who is widely regarded as an expert in this area, for Imperial College London’s psilocybin therapy trials: 

c) Album by East Forest called “Music for Mushrooms” which Jon personally found “a little bit too homogenous for an entire session but is very spacious, reassuring and lovely, and has the added benefit of being five hours long, and very consistent throughout.” 

d) Finally, this is a playlist Jon has collected of interesting instrumental albums, some of which may be good for sessions. Though a mixed bag, and with lots of synthesizer music in places, there may be many gems here—currently 57 hours of music. 


4) “Psilodep Session 2” by Rosalind Watts


5) Two plant-medicine ceremony sets created by Deb Avery, on YouTube:

6) Spotify set recommended by Ioana Voica:

7) “Shamanic, tribal, drums, 5 Rhythms, yoga flow, slow motion” (27 hours of music):

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